About Me

As long as I can remember I have loved to eat. My fondest memories are evenings sitting around the table with the entire family, Thanksgiving dinners, and BBQ's poolside. Growing up, I never really cooked much. I mean I helped my mom and dad a bit in the kitchen but never really wore the chef's hat. In my adult life, my fondest memories are still those that involve food. Laughing with friends and family over a good bottle of wine and a 3 course meal can make any Saturday spectacular. Over the past year I have become very envious of those that make cooking seem so simple. Those that just flow through the kitchen flawlessly, work their magic, and as a result produce amazing meals that everyone at the table seems to enjoy. I woke up one day and decided that I was going to turn into one of those cooks. All right maybe not, but I can at least attempt to do so. To help aid in this process, I have purchased several cooking magazines and cookbooks. The goal of this blog is to cook my way through these books and magazines, share with the friends and family my recipes, create a few recipes of my own, and all the while document my edible adventures. I hope you can cook along with me, offer suggestions and most importantly enjoy! Bon App├ętit.