Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Boy has it been a long week already. And it’s only Wednesday! Two more work days to go until the weekend. The good news is that I have the perfect drink to help refresh, revitalize, and energize after this long and extremely hot day. After taking your first sip of this Mojito you will know just what I mean. And who knows maybe one might turn into two. Enjoy!

12-15 Mint leaves
2/3 Cup Club Soda
1 Teaspoon Sugar (If you prefer sweet drinks you might want to add more sugar).
1 Teaspoon Lime Juice
1 Shot Light Rum

Fill your glass with ice. Then add light rum to the glass. In a separate glass, add the mint and club soda. Crush the mint and club soda until well combined.  Add the mint and club soda to the rum and ice. Stir in the lime juice and sugar. Top with a mint leaf and lime wedge. Enjoy!